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The Big Social Selling Myth: Posting = Prospecting

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Founder and CEO at Mindset Digital

Giving sales teams access to the latest social platforms can be a lot like giving them a new gym membership in January.

At first, you’ll hear a lot of enthusiastic, heartfelt promises to use it every day. But by June… well, everyone had good intentions.

That initial excitement wears thin when agents realize a hard truth. Being active on social doesn’t bring in droves of customers.

In fact, just because you post it doesn’t mean they’ll come.

Leaders who are trying to get their teams to increase sales must recognize one key fact: If you want social to work, you’ve got to work social.

To learn how, your sales teams need tech-savvy, high-performance coaches—whether they’re from our Social Selling Habit Program, another group or your internal team. The right coaches will make sure your sales professionals move beyond likes and shares and learn to:

create five-star social profiles to stand out from the crowd (customers look you up before deciding to meet with you)use sophisticated advanced search tactics to get more leadsearn the right kind of introductions (we’re 5X more likely to meet with you if we have a mutual connection)

This is powerful stuff.

In our seven-week Social Selling Habit Program, for example, we set clear expectations, give teams quests every week—and then showcase and reward the top performers.

Those enrolled learn how to: connect with business owners who went to the same school as they did; set up notifications to find potential clients who just moved into their ZIP code; tap the power of more sophisticated Boolean search; and use priming tactics and clear calls to action to get faster responses and more introductions.

This isn’t see and learn. It’s do and earn.

That’s even more critical today because no one bothers to pick up the phone (cold calling has a dismal 0.3 percent success rate). And most of us—especially new millennial recruits—aren’t willing to spend our days dialing for dollars. (Um, most millennials have never even “dialed” a phone.)

The era of cold calling and working “100 lists” is over. Instead, it’s time to supercharge prospecting by fully leveraging the largest professional networks in the world.

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