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James kerley

Managing Partner, Clearview Partners

Strategic Leader, Executive Coach, Speaker, Idea Guy, Collaborator


Executives in the insurance industry today face tough challenges. To thrive, they must constantly update every aspect of how business is done. Transformation is the name of the game today.


That’s why I decided to create Clearview Partners and bring together the smartest, most savvy team focused on transforming the insurance business to:


  • connect executives and ideas in transformative ways

  • provide the strategic insights and perspective needed to compete in a rapidly changing InsureTech  environment

  • provide our clients with high-impact consulting, coaching, ideas and technology that generates measurable results


What I love most about my work in life insurance is knowing our work ensures leaders get the support they need when they need it most. Together, my partners and I, at Clearview Partners help our clients every day translate trends, transform approaches and take actions designed for growth.


We are committed to being Partners in Transformation.



Specialties: Strategy | Customer engagement |Distribution |Operations |Executive Coaching | Keynote Speaking


James kerley

Professional Speaking Engagements


Around the World and Around an Industry in Transformation




  • Regional Sales Leadership: New Zealand, The Global Trend: Building a Professional Insurance Practice

  • Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission, Shanghai China: Transformation: Lessons Learned = Ideas for the Future

  • Brazilian Insurance Company Executive Team: Executive Immersion: Comparing Brazilian and U.S Life Market Challenges and Dynamics



Strategic Planning Presentations

  • Canadian Mutual Life Insurance Company – Strategy Team Planning Workshop

  • Mutual Life Insurance Company – The Future of Life Insurance Sold at the Worksite

  • Major Life Insurance Company:  Retail Life Insurance Distribution Team - Distribution Strategies for Multi-channel Distributors


Boards’ of Directors – Providing Industry Perspectives and Outlook

  • Mid-west Mutual Life Insurance

  • Boston- based Groups and Worksite Mutual Life Insurance Company

  • Fraternal Life Insurance Company: U.S. Retail Distribution for the Future


Sales Congresses

  • Fortis Lux – MassMutual Agency Partners in Excellence – The Promise and Potential

  • Bradesco Sales Leaders Conference (Brazil): Innovation Transformation in a Global World

  • Research Agency Group: Billions in Play: Looking at the InsureTech Start Up World

  • Highland Capital: Opportunities Ahead: You have what they want



When I first saw Jim give a talk at the LIMRA Social Media Conference, I realized he was one of those rare speakers who can convey complex data and trends in a compelling and easy-to-understand way. Jim is always up to speed on the latest trends and their impact on the insurance industry -- no small feat given how rapidly everything is changing. Beyond being a great speaker, he also is a super smart, energetic adviser. Whenever I work with him, I walk away not only impressed but much more informed.

Debra Jasper

Founder & CEO at Mindset Digital

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