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Robert Popazzi

Managing Partner, Clearview Partners

Here to Accelerate Your Success!


I am excited to be joining Clearview Partners as a Principal. Jim and I have known each other for many years, and it is an honor to be working more closely with him. 


The insurance and financial services industry is in a period of massive transformation, and the winning firms will be those that can see the opportunities clearly and go after them. Our team of partners stands ready to help those that want to win!

My skills and talents are different than Jim's. As a young adult, I saw the value that insurance could bring to people through my father's near-fatal crash. Over the last three decades, I have built my experiences up from a field role as an agent to several regional and national assignments, such as leading large-scale transformation initiatives. I understand deeply the various distribution models in place in North America, Europe, and Asia, and I know how they need to transform for the next generation of consumers.


My passions include leadership development, coaching, and speaking. These are areas where Jim and I are committed to constantly bringing our clients new insights and perspectives. 


We are committed to being Partners in Transformation.



Expertise: Learning & Development | Leadership | Strategy |

Coaching | Financial Services Distribution | Innovation |
Sales Growth | Talent Management & Engagement



Projects and Programs

  • National Re-Tooling of Recruitment, Selection, and Onboarding of Advisors and Managers

  • Leadership Development Programs, Schools, and Study Groups Built for Major Canadian Financial Services Company

  • Program: Business Lead for the Design, Build, Data Conversion, and Implementation

  • Large-Scale Advisor Transformation Programs for Canadian and European Financial Services Companies

  • Distribution Model Evolution: Led Several Cross-Functional Teams in a Complete Overhaul of a Financial Services Company's Distribution Model



Testimonials to come -- please check back later.

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